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Hello everyone

Hi, whats up! Im new here and wanted to share a story with you, you see, my girlfriend has 11 semanas de embarazo at the moment and we dont have a lot of money but i have my bike, since we should get a car I have to say goodbye to my lovely bike I hope someday I can get another one, but i cant get the one i have, so thats sad

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Down the road, you can think about another bike. Right now you should concentrate on doing what is necessary to take care of your new family. Motorcycles are perhaps a risk you shouldn't be taking until after your family is grown.
Been there, done that. Good luck.
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Hi there, and welcome. Whereabouts are you? With that bit of Spanish, could you be in Spain? I add tf to my name because I'm in Tenerife. (tf is the old licence plate identification for Tenerife)
By birth an Englishman, by the grace of God a Yorkshireman.
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I just want to agree with Vegas Street Riders post. Take care of raising your family now, you can always get back on the bike when you are a little older and don't have the same responsibilities. I didn't start riding again until I was 44, when my kids were grown and I knew that if something happened to me, it would not put my family in the poor house.
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