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Originally Posted by leonj2932 View Post
Hey guys so I guess there was some confusion and now some disagreements about the brake light . My original question was basically is the brake light supposed to be a running light and then when u apply the brakes both filaments light up for a stronger light telling people that you are braking . I got some different answers but now after buying contact cleaner and replacing the brake light bulb the answer at least in the USA is that yes the brake light is a running light !!!! I always remembered that when I bought it that it was already one . And now it works perfectly again , it runs like it should and then gets brighter when I apply the brake . As for my turn signal issue I cleaned and reconnected all contacts , replaced all fuses ( the ignition fuse was burn out but I had not noticed any issues starting the motorcycle ) , and everything worked fine , my turning signals work perfectly . That is until I plug the rear turn signals back in . For some reason the front turn signals work fine , perfectly fine until I plug in the rear ones to test if all of them work , as soon as I plug those in none of the turn signals work. The front ones stay lit up but will not flash . Are my rare turn signals bad ??? I replaced the bulbs and clean all contacts and still can't get the lights to work with the rear turn signals plugged in .
You do have single contact 1156 in the rear ones??
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Yes put in brand new ones and nothing works . I'm going to just take them off and ride without them . The front turn signals work perfectly when they are by themselves . I think removing them is legal here in California
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It may be legal (note: you only think it's legal, so check up on it) but it's definitely NOT a good idea. If you don't let the drivers behind you know what you're going to do, you're likely to get tail ended, and it could possibly be shown that you were at fault for performing a maneouvre without signalling. Think about your own safety.
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Nod bulb, or wiring prob?

My light, green turn indicator, quit working. First I thought the bulb was burned out

But I remember, I had moved the handlebars; I rotated them up -- so I my arms could be straighter when riding. So should I make the effort of getting the bulb out of there? (and if yes, how-to!.. I can see turns reflected off headlight fixture (chrome).

Not sure which way to go.
Tnx in advance

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