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54 mile ride to the lake and back

Got the GZ out today and stretched her legs a little. 54 Mile round trip ride to the lake and back. 55 to 60 mph for half of the trip. On the downside though I am going to need to get a new helmet. The one I have started to hurt on the way back. No Bueno! I really need a long oval for my egg.
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webBikeWorld has a fairly comprehensive list concerning head shapes which will make it much easier to find a good fitting helmet. webBikeWorld also has descriptions of features and pros and cons such as wind noise, face shield properties and fit and finish. A good helmet should not hurt but should fit snugly to begin with and then pack down to a nice comfy fit. My Shoei Multitech was snug over my entire head initially but I don't even feel it on my head anymore. A good fitting helmet doesn't have to break the bank either. There are many quality helmets available for much less than I paid for my helmet but it was my choice at the time.
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