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DR Roberts
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Motorcycle Cover?

So, I'm gonna have to keep my bike outside a fair amount, nothing long term, just overnight and during the day while at work. I would like to have a cover especially for overnight. I have seen that there are MANY options out there in all price ranges. I'm wondering if anyone has any input for me on what works best(products/practices etc..) My biggest concerns are rain and direct sun. I've heard it's not good to cover the bike while its still hot, and that it needs to breathe. A waterproof cover might cause rust? Any thoughts, recommendations? Thanks as always to the coolest bike forum out there!

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My stay outside all the time even trow the winter with no cover, never have a problem
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Water Warrior 2
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Wally World has a cheap serviceable bike cover. It is light and probably not water proof but so what. It will dry out quickly and folds up nice and tidy.

I had a high $ cover that was a bear to store and bulky enough that it was useless for travelling. It soon became a dust cover at home during the off-season.
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I use a cover every night.....keeps the bikes dry during rain and free of overnight condensation.

It works for me.
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